Over a number of years, and married. Like all brides to be, and I was ecstatic and totally in love (still) with my then fiancee and I have a few memorable moments that are forever etched in my heart. One of them is small, who had his own band my brother, and I’m sure that all the boys in the teen wants to, play a song that my husband and I had our first dance to. This was his first concert, a musician. Today, as a hobby, and he still performs at weddings, other people, and gets paid for doing what he loves to do, play music.

Every time I hear “our song” I do not remember the only dance with my husband and emotions going through me at that moment, but as I remember my little brother. It brings tears of joy to my eyes, even today. Confidence and courage that he offered to play for us in front of all these people, and awe-inspiring.

Since she was born, and he exhibited a willingness to quickly capture anything he was taught, like all children. But unfortunately, the reality is that many parents often push children toward success through academics and kill these natural innate ability to learn. We were lucky that our parents did not pay us academics, and even encouraged us to explore other areas too bother us. By having suffered a number of different hobbies, and put my brother faster than his peers and show empathy and understanding toward others, even at such a young age. His love for music began in his teenage years and also does all the boys, he gravitated toward the guitar. He took guitar lessons at a local school in our neighborhood and discovered his love of music. Entrance music in his life, completely changed the course of his life.

We often hear about how music helps build a child’s capacity to learn, a healthy brain growth from both the left and right side. But how many parents allow their children to follow up on something that suggests to them? So many parents, and focus only on academics, as if our lives all the logic and not emotions. We are human beings, and more importantly the emotional human beings. We deeply feel it is our feelings that often lead us to the decisions we make in life.

Follow through music, not only will you be able to think logically better, but it will be more emotional center is based. Taking my brother, for example, he feels deeply and passionately about things, but you will not see his emotions get the best of him. That does not mean he does not feel. It is simply aware of his feelings until he is able to have a clear vision in the past and do the thing that he feels is right. He had many different jobs in many different areas, but one thing he was sure of his life, is that without his guitar, and the music, he can not exist.

By having the freedom to follow his passions and interests, he became the kindest, most understanding others, compassionate and turned into a successful man and confident, both career wise and personally. Today, he is a doctor of Ayurveda, but his guitar was still with him, as is his music. How he became a man today? He was free to explore all that the world had to offer and found himself in the music.

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