When I was a little girl, I decided to learn the instrument and took clarinet (wind instrument machines, for example: flute) Unfortunately, I had no talent for this instrument and gave up all pursuits to learn any musical instrument. However, after many years, a little courage, I decided to try again, but this time on the keyboard. Now, this time I am dedicated and stuck with it for two years, but once again, unfortunately, I did not have any talent at all to play a musical instrument. The fact must be recognized, but it is a pity. But this does not mean that I do not have any appreciation for music.

It’s like the line from the movie, a beautiful woman. When Richard Gere to Julia Roberts, “replies the popular reaction to the opera the first time that we see it very exciting. They either love or they hate it. If they like it, they will always love. If they do not, they may learn to appreciate it , but it will not become part of their lives. ” This is true for me. While I totally tone deaf when it comes to playing an instrument, but I held a deep love and passion for music, which has the ability to reach inside me and shakes me to the core.

My husband and I often go to concerts in the city. We went back to Arties Festival, where musicians from all over the world came to entertain us with a powerful and emotionally charged music. As I sat there with eyes closed, ready to get absorbed into the music, I stood one instrument among others, and violin. The movement of the bow on the strings of a violin I was completely in charm. This deep-felt sorrow and then jumped immediately to the immense feelings of joy and happiness. By the time the movement was finished, I had tears in my eyes and could not stop clapping and feet stop rising from my chair to start a standing ovation for the musicians, especially the violin.

Imagine how the young violinist must be when the journey began to master the small, powerful and beautiful this instrument. Her face because she played a piece of sheer desperation turned to the heavenly joy. Just by looking at her, you could see she was happy human being with a face full of expression of love and joy.

By taking the time to pursue our interests and emotions, and we also can lead happier and achieve life. As if you have a deep desire to learn a musical instrument, and perhaps violin strong, what is stopping? The history of the violin class! Explore your talents! Start by pouring everything you are in music and watch your life become too turned.

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