Before you can drive on the road, drivers need to pass the exam. Only then you can get your driving license on the road. Until then, we have a rash, and unsafe drivers. Why do we need to take a test before we can drive the car? Simple, without the proper training, you could be a danger to yourself and others on the road. The life can be lost with the bad and unsafe driving.

So, what about bringing a child into this world? You are responsible for the life that you create as well. That you love him / her unconditionally, guide them, to be a friend and give loving discipline when needed. But there is no test to see whether you are fit or ready to be a parent, but there are classes you can take to prepare you for fatherhood.

Should not you as a person responsible and do what they can to make sure you’re a good parent to your child? However, if you have such loving parents, then you’ve probably instinctively know how to be a good parent, but even then, that is not guaranteed. All parents, as soon as they put their eyes on their child’s newborn, they want nothing but the best for their children, but we end up making mistakes anyway. By taking the first step and join the parenting class you are already a child says, “How do I upload to you is important to me.”

In the first seven years of a child’s life are the most important developmental years. The events that occur during these early years determine the pattern of behavior for the rest of their lives. That is why, as adults, we work sometimes just like children. The thing that happened in our childhood lead to the same emotional response. For example, if your father is very strict and were afraid of him. Then any male authority figure may move you back emotionally to self-determination of your childhood. These things happen in all our subconscious. We may not even be aware of it. We may just feel, and I do not like this guy, but be fully aware of the true depth of the hidden reasons for our feedback.

I have seen all types of parents, kind n loving and others that make you wonder why even if the children. My neighbor, has a grown daughter, but even today, she will work behind her urging her to eat before leaving for the office. And daughter will be busy running around to prepare, while the mother runs after her with D. rice, feed her. It is such a beautiful sight to see, and the love between mother and daughter. This is why the daughter, although she works in the city, come back to visit her parents at the end of every week, without fail. She grew up in such a loving home she could not imagine being away from her parents.

I saw on the other side as well. Mother and son: Mother and teach her son how to ride a bike. Rite of passage is important for all children, and learning to ride a bike. Of course we fall and get hurt and cry, but we got on the right of return. In this case, and it was the son luckily, but riding his nervously and, of course, he stumbled and fell. He jumped back, when the cycle has fallen, so he will not get hurt. A natural response. I was shocked to see the reaction of the mothers to this. She took over the ear and dragged him up and shouted at him to fall and jump out of the cycle when he was losing control. I can not understand, why do they even teach him, if you do not have the patience for it. What kind of lessons are they put in it? Imagine, a big man, perhaps try to be perfect in everything, and run the same tired because he is afraid of failure. Why, because his mother did not understand the simple thing, as you know, a bike. May feel is not worth, whenever the failure in anything. But is it really? However, he does not deserve love because he failed?

We are all born with such great potential and if they were raised with love, care and understanding parents, and then we plant the same. We are human beings better, and understand the feelings of others, and feel confident in ourselves, have the self-awareness of what love is not love, what is right for us and not.

As parents we should not, be sure to equip ourselves to deal with such a huge responsibility, and that raising the little man. Take the necessary steps, and to participate in parenting classes and equip yourself with knowledge on parenting sound. While giving and receiving support from other parents and tips from each other and learning. This way you will fill up the future generation with a kind and compassionate people, because their parents, took the time to learn how to raise a beautiful human beings.

Want to join a class parenting? Respond to your query on Classboat.


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