I was once in the display processor with a Reiki session. At that time, I had no idea what Reiki

He was healing. All I know is that at some point during this process, my body went completely through what felt like jolt of energy that made me jump on the bed and I was lying in. I still can not tell you what you did to me

I myself do not know. All I know is that it felt like I was floating on air in that whole night, and it was the most peaceful sleep ever. This is my one and only experience with energy processor.

Recently, my friend, she signed for a healing session with a therapist Energy, which was not only an expert but also love. My friend had a few sessions with her and turned her life, to say the least. No matter how repressive or trauma that was her childhood years, which I still do not know about them, and cleanse and I felt completely free. Manipulation processor energies surrounding them, clearing them from the inside out. Chakras, which have been banned from the painful experiences of her childhood in the flow started again. And you knew, just by looking at her, that

Was something special happened, and that would modern science will not be able to explain it.

And her face changed. It had a glow and softness about it, was not there before. Many people began to come to her, and even though they can not put their finger on it, they saw it was different.

Most people do not know about the healing power of the energies that surround us. These layers,

When caused by emotional trauma, and become negative, and chakras have also clogged. So, for example, if you are someone who gets colds often, then the problem may be that your heart

It has been banned chakra. But before going to power the processor, you will get nothing a doctor can give. The processor can be your energy balance of the negative state to a positive one. You do not even have to reveal all your secrets to your processor. Only by manipulating the energies / auras around your body and chakras, they can remove those blocks and make you whole again, without trouble and without pain.

But that energy processor becomes a light thing. And must be treated with the respect it deserves, the processor must be in the case of a positive reception when giving courses. You need to learn to be in a meditative state so that they can be sensitive to the needs of the patient. All therapists should be able to sense

Subtle energies that are causing difficulties in the patient. But more importantly than that, you should also know how to protect yourself, so that when the cleansing and rebalancing the energy fields of the person, do not absorb it on yourself. So, if you’re thinking of becoming a power processor, make sure you do your homework. Find it, and find the best school / lessons available. Learn from the experts who can

Teach you all the tools and techniques that will need only to heal others, but to protect yourself, too. And when you decide on classes to take, be sure to complete all levels of training to be able to master the medium you have chosen to heal. Whether you choose to become a Reiki therapist or crystal energy processor or color therapy. Choose the one that feels right for you, because the most important about this type of therapy thing is to be completely aware of and sensitive to the feelings. So be aware of his first before embarking on this career path, because the function of healing people both physically and emotionally, it can be a rewarding career, if done correctly with the right educational institution.

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One thought on “Learn to be an energy healer and change lives

  1. Very interesting post. I have thought about this myself a lot, i would love to learn reiki and definitely think this was meant for me. I don’t think i am ready yet as still have some healing to do myself first, but one day !


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