For ages, the games have been used by our society to entertain. But do you know that the games that are considered a recreational activities are in fact one of the best exercises for your brain? We have compiled a list of games that sharpen your memory on both long-term and short-term and help to increase their brain power. Here, take a look!


Crossword is like running a healthy brain. According to a study, people who are regular with crosswords have brains more obvious and more creative and become a master at solving the problems with the passage of time. Crossword is also able to delay the onset of dementia, according to doctors. Finally, and the biggest reason for capturing those crossword puzzles is that they are super fun once you get used to it!


Jigsaw puzzles simple and fun and games that also affect memory on your short-term good way. Because it requires you to combine multiple colors and shapes to the right in the picture to make sense, your brain has to work harder in the process. Also, it is said to have a sense of satisfaction after obtaining the two pieces together for the right to release dopamine, which helps to strengthen the focus.

we played all the video games once in our lives, and if you still have not, here is a good reason for you. While video games require an enormous concentration and reaction time and to adapt to a whole new virtual environment, it also speeds up public decision-making and improve the ability to multitask process. According to a recent study, such activities allow you to deal with distractions, while trying to recover a ton of information.

Sudoku is a number game that requires the player to record a series of numbers in his / her head while trying to fit them in the space of nine networks within a limited period of time. To play this game, which relies heavily on working memory and the ability to predict the outcome in advance? Sudoku is a popular game that can be easily found in the daily newspaper or on the Internet. Even to upgrade the remaining games more challenging once you think you’re the master of shoaling Sudoku.

Chess is a game, and one that has survived the ages has been played between the Kings and the famous strategists are still considered to be the most intellectually game. It may seem slow compared to other games, but this is due to the intense reflection and calculate it requires before making the move. As he knows how things that seem less important and harmless can turn the situation around. Game raises brain cells and enhances your ability to concentrate. More polished players memory long-term use to retain information in the long term.

 Ready to play? Get going now!


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