During my years in high school, I took lessons in the French language, as part of the curriculum. And, of course, as all teenagers, and I saw no reason to take this course, the language, however, passed four years, what I felt at that time, that the cruelty of torture.

Years later, I happen to meet a man from France, and a very handsome man of French, in a job action. We got to talk and mentioned how I had taken a French language during my years in high school. He was immediately thrilled and excited at the prospect of speaking in their own language and mother encouraged me to try to talk to him, although it was a year ago I was. So, I started slowly, stumbling my way through the conversation. But with his enthusiasm and encouragement, I was surprised to see how much they came back to me. We talked for more than half an hour completely in French. It was amazing. One way or another there is still lessons are stored in my mind, though, I had not touched it in years.

Therefore, despite the hatred of me in the school system, during my youth, it seems to be useful chapters after all. But this thing, right? We do not know how the things we know today will shape our lives tomorrow. We absorb more knowledge, of different activities, in our youth, the more our brains develop thus makes us smarter and more adept at life at a later date. The best we have developed reasoning and logical thinking skills, which makes us much brighter in the performance of our jobs and also to be able to deal with the situations that life throws us with a clear head.

So start learning the language, possibly French, and who knows maybe there will be a French man tall, handsome or attractive French woman and darkness in the future as well. Oh, the other benefit of course, is that language skills will also help you in your life and career when she grows up.


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