When I was a little girl, I really wanted to learn Bharatanatyam, but for one reason or for Other, but that did not happen. So, when my daughter expressed an interest in dance, and I asked her if she wanted to try Bharatanatyam and decided she would try along with ballet, which They are interested in the beginning, and today, after the passage of years, the dance classes she still goes to non Bharatanatyam.

It’s a beautiful dance rooted in our culture and traditions. Dance that highlights our natural feminine grace, charm and allows us to shine through with simple but complex movements. Dance that can tell a story with a simple eye movements, a gentle touch of the hand and the steps soft angelic. With beautiful costumes and jewelry that adorn the dancer, portray a beautiful picture of the “feminine.”

With years of practice under her belt, my daughter is all my hopes. Confidence gained from this traditional dance, is one of the many rewards she has been blessed with. Her elegant everyday movements and the nature of her soft and graceful, but not twice. It possesses the feminine power that we all have within us, but that many of us have forgotten, or perhaps do not even know of their existence.

With more and more women, out of the house, and join in the world, they are leaving behind them and trying to make their way in this world-oriented man. But why do we have to lose ourselves in this world run by men? Maintain who you are, feminine grace and love. Bring love, compassion, laughter, our natural gifts, to full of war, hatred and crime world. Designation.

An example for your children and future generations, through the preservation of woman you are, and you step into the world. Which can easily help your children, by enrolling them in Bharatanatyam dance lessons, which will help them remember that femininity is not a weakness but it is a subtle power and strength? The power of love, tenderness and agility that can transform the hardest, coldest hearts with warmth and beauty. They have been forced to change who you are to make your way in this world, but your children can be a different future, a future where the adoption of femininity own, which they can see and remember through this class dance Bharatanatyam beautiful and traditional.

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