I think all little girls played with dolls, and it was fun dressing them. When I was a little girl, and I was no different. I had a Barbie doll, for those who would like to stitch little clothes, from small scraps of cloth, and my mother was left behind by her sewing kit. I loved creating short dresses, skirts and T-shirts for my Barbie dolls.

When I got older, I took sewing lessons and make dresses, skirts, shirts and pants, but this time it was for me. I enjoyed picking out the fabric, and decide on the method, and then dispense pattern and sew together.

This is the story of how many fashion designers discovered their love for creating fashions. I’m not a fashion designer. I only have the same childhood story, and this is where the similarity ends. But if you are an individual, who has an eye for fashion, and always messing in the sketchbook with fashion ideas, or if you are a person of your family and friends asked the advice of fashion, then you know you have a talent for the fashion industry. I think all you need is a layered and training to give you the confidence to go out into the world fashion designer

You can get all the training, knowledge and skills they will need to be talented in creating your fashions. But to be a successful fashion designer, you need more than that. You need to have a good work ethic, business sense and interpersonal skills. We ask top designers all over the world, and they will tell you: work hard, but always be nice to people, they have a good team that believes in you and your business, do not be ashamed or offended by the advice / criticism, has a vision of what you’re trying to make and pour experiments your life in your own creations because that is what will determine your design apart from the rest. Dress which designs inspired by your life, you will be more attractive because it will say something about you, which is true of fashion lovers will listen

So, get your career as fashion designer began by enrolling in the school of your choice and take all necessary to make you talented and skilled classes. But remember the lessons learned from the experts who have made it, just like you, too, will. So, the next time I’m watching the awards ceremony, and will wait to hear your name, and when asked “who wear?” Do you want that too?

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