We’ve all heard about the importance of the mother country of the mind is during pregnancy. Did you know that your state of mind during pregnancy also affects the growth and development of your child? So if you’re the parent, it makes you wonder how much of the mood and feelings shape your child’s development in the womb. And how much care and attention did you give your child to develop while he / she is inside you? If you read this causes panic in you, as a mother concerned and loving, do not worry. It’s not over yet for your child.

With so many scientific studies to be released about the importance of brain development in children, and were just as many categories that began at one time there. Our bodies and brain fully formed by the time he was born. We do not grow extra limbs and the brain does not grow additional cells, but our bodies to evolve as we age, and so does our brain. The brain, however, is evolving through experiments. Therefore, the experiences you encounter during the first three years constitute the foundations that will build your character and personality. Of course this could change, but the scheme is set during the first three years.

So, how can you help your children’s brain develop properly and on an equal footing? During the first three years, you should make sure your child is bringing in a loving environment. By taking the time to raise your child, by loving those, playing with them, mainly involve yourself in your child’s life. In doing so, it will create blueprints for the skills he or she progresses through his / her life. Skills such as problem solving, and build relationships and communicate his / her ability to adapt to any environment they are placed in, home, school or work.

Child years after the age of three are ideal for learning and maintaining all types of information. The ideal age to expose children to a wide range of activities. Open the world of painting, dance, science camps, yoga, and much more. By allowing your child to explore a wide range of hobby classes, you will be sure that both sides of the brain is developing alike. Why is this important? It is important because unless clearly signals passing between the two sides, your child will never become emotionally mature or to be able to think logically or rationally. The chances of them are innovative and original thinkers are very slim. And you will be able to work in the community, but scratch the surface and you will find the child underneath, and that is why we find a lot of adults act like children at times, because we cannot just wear masks from being a mature, competent adults, so long. Sooner or later, we have the qualities childish immature seep through moments of cases the reaction, such as anger or sadness.

But with the exposure of classes designed to stimulate each part of the brain, we can become whole individuals. The ability to think rationally, skills, to form lasting bonds in relationships, to be short the overall human, with deep intelligence and emotions to solve the problem. Components of the human being merciful. So, the only question remaining is, do you want people to raise beautiful for the future, or repeat the mistakes of the past.


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