With the integration of technology in our lives, we have a tremendous amount of leisure time available to us. Here is a look at the top ten most popular hobbies people get on with their leisure time.

Crafts – converting useless things lying around at home to treasures.

Cooking – The more cooked food, you will become tastier food and more you will enjoy cooking. Try to join the cooking class to start you.

Motherboard – dye stuff lying around your home, such as mugs, plates etc. to start you off and then move on to the paintings and invest some time in the drawing category. This is the most therapeutic way to deal with stress.

Exercise – find a gym near you or join a Zumba class or yoga classes. A great way to get fit and release accumulated tensions of the day.

Arabic calligraphy – A great way to slow down and take the time to write a handwritten note or a call to loved ones.

Photography – your camera phone will only take you so far. Buy yourself a DSLR camera and join the photography category. Learn the techniques and go out into the world and start clicking. You might even be able to sell your photos and earn some extra money, while you’re at it.

Embroidery – It is amazing very soothing and there are a great way to slow down the pace of life is facing we live. Plus it’s a great way to enjoy a rainy day, sitting in on your sofa, embroidery anything you want

Meditation – to devote some time and choose a quiet place. They can be anywhere, garden, home or on the beach. A quiet place to spend some time with your eyes closed just watching your breathing.

DJ – become a history class and learn the basics. Even if you only DJ for your parties.

Pottery – get lost in the feel of the clay between your hands until the establishment of various elements such as vases, cups, etc.

Therefore, I think the only thing that remains is to decide what you’re going to do with all your free time. Or if there is something you enjoy for the time being, this is not on our list, tell us about it.


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