Before writing this, I conducted my own research on the Internet, and it was a surprise to find that hardly anyone held point of view, and I’m about to express here. And after it came to the education sector for more than a decade, and we’ve met people from all walks of life. The only thing that saddens me is that talented and skilled, and the country needs, and lost jobs simply because the English-speaking skills are weak. If you were to hold talks with these graduates in their language, whether Telugu, Hindi, Tamil, etc., you will find them to be intelligent people, sound technically who also possess soft skills. What are soft skills, anyway? Soft skills are not just to be able to speak English, and cover a wide area of skills such as people, communication, teamwork, time management, and much more. They were students, alumni and all the skills needs of the industry, technical know-how and skills. The only skill that you need to develop English language skills.

Now the thing that boggles my mind is, while the English language is important in a globalizing world, no more important to find talented people and then train them by hiring untrained or send them to English-speaking classes. It should not be this is the solution to this problem? Instead of hiring people who speak English, but are lacking in all the other skills they are seeking. There is a lot of talk about how the talent leaves the country. But in fact, it seems to me, the definition of talent in India, needs redefining. There are a lot of talented and skilled people, who is that they lack English-language skills only mistake.

My experience has shown me over the past decade that half of the people, not all, who have excellent English skills lacking in other more important skills that are necessary for work. But since these people can communicate easily in English and talk to themselves in and out of anything, they will get hired. Now, it is the Qualified Not everyone speaks English, just as not everyone with poor English language skills are also not technically sound. Therefore the scale to test people to see if they are eligible should be based on the individual. Filter candidates know whether technically sound, a team player, willing to learn, and can communicate effectively, in their language, etc.

True, the education system is the main problem. But solving the problem of this scale will take a long time. And the people that may be able to address such national issues and hold again for the simple skill they lack in English. Why not hire people on the basis of talent, not only the English language? We as a nation must not reward some of the brightest and most talented and then help them by giving them a hand in the development of skills that are lacking in. Is not that what being a human being compassionate is all about? Or are we involved all superficial and is not interested in real people? Do you just want someone to talk to talk, but is unable to perform the tasks? Or do you want talented people who will be grateful to you and your company to give them a chance to help them improve their English-speaking so that they can grow and develop into successful people, who may be able to change society.

Take a closer look at many of the brightest minds of our time, you will find that it came from simple backgrounds and was a reliable person, and gave them a helping hand when needed. So the next time you are looking at hiring a person, the search for talent, and when you find that person, and send them to English speaking classes if they need them. Find these classes is the easy part because there are hundreds of them in the city, all included in Classboat


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