Our world is shrinking, and borders disappear and people communicate across oceans and distances to each other. The dawn of the Internet age has made it possible to meet people from all over the world and get to know them and their culture. So, what is the best way to communicate with others through food? Food has no language. You can simply look at a person’s face to see if they were enjoying the meal or not. So, here is a list of the most popular foods from all over the world.

  • Indonesian food – and the food is really worldly also has a mix of Indian, Chinese and Spanish, the Middle East and more. Therefore, it does not matter where you are from you are sure to recognize the flavors that come from this land.
  • Mexican – If variety is the spice of life, then the Mexicans certainly know what they are doing, by adding a variety of spices to their food. Make sure that you have a jug of water when diving in the food of this country.
  • Chinese – you can find Chinese food in every corner today, ranging from noodles, fried rice, spring rolls and so it makes me wonder what tastes like Real Chinese food. Hmmm?
  • Italian – ah … for lovers of real food for the world. Sit back and relax as you dive into the pasta and pizza. Really rich flavors meant to fill their stomachs and their hearts.
  • Indian – and a variety of food are really divided on the four corners of the country. North, south, east and west. Dive into the food from the land, which will vary from one region to another.
  • Thai – only kitchen which gives your taste balance between sweet, sour, bitter and salty. And less spicy meal which uses rice as the main ingredient.

So, if you’re a food lover, there is no need to be able to travel around the world to have a taste of this unique dish. Just join a cooking class near you and start exploring the world of flavors. Who knows, you may become such an expert in the cuisine from around the world, you can start your own cooking classes. Why not?


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