You probably already know that the task tables to play your guitar, but very few players know how to practice guitar scales properly. This makes it difficult to improvise guitar solos and the limits of how good of a guitarist to become.

Here are 3 big mistakes you must avoid when you practice scales on guitar:

Mistake #1.

Learning without Application

Learn more standards does not make you a better guitar player – the application of standards does not know on a deeper level.

When you learn a new table, and learn how to improvise with it and become familiar with her voice. Listen to music guitar players who use this size, creating licks with your guitar and learn how to apply this measure in the songs you love. When you feel confident enough with the scale to be used in improvisation, you have mastered it at a deep enough level to see another domain if you want to.

Note: This does not mean you should only practice on a single scale for years … just do not overwhelm yourself with dozens of tables that did not know how to use them.

Mistake #2:

Learning Scales In 1-2 Positions On Guitar

Do not make the same mistake as most guitarists overwhelming you with tons of new styles to the table in one of the positions or just two. To master any new table, you must learn to play all over the fret board. Get stuck in the tables playing the guitar 1-2 areas severely limits your creativity.

To avoid this problem, you must practice constantly fret perception Council. Imagine neck guitar and one giant-sized pattern, and learn how to navigate fluently.

Warning: Many systems for learning tables make this step is very difficult (more on this below). Working with proven guitar teacher to learn how to visualize tables easily and quickly.

Mistake #3.

Not yet effective process for learning scales on the guitar

You must have an effective process for learning, perception and the application of any new table in playing your guitar.

Do not assume that “any system of balance of learning Surrey on an equal footing.” Many of weighing systems on guitar learning incomplete and devastating to your progress. System in a cage one such system. Use it creates a lot of problems in your guitar technique and musical creativity.

Learn why the system sucks in a cage, and what you should do, instead, to master the scales on the guitar. Avoid these errors in the exercise of your guitar, and it will become a better guitarist and musician a lot faster.


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