Your son is a teenager of the type that likes to tinker tools, trying to figure out what makes them tick? Does he / she is a whiz in math, science, and dreams of becoming an engineer or a scientist? The time has come to think of enrollment in the camp about robots and / or programming camp.

What computer science education camps will my child?

Robots camps are all about designing, building and programming robots, and tested through a series of design challenges. Your child learns about the technical stuff like motion, gear ratios and energy during the construction process of the robot.

Highly qualified advisers to guide children through problem-solving, research and basic – advanced engineering concepts. The camp is offered to the latest concepts in computing technology and engineering design through web programming and programming Alice, building Android-based element and programmable robots.

Most of the camps computer science assigning full-blown project to the individual camp, you get to take home. It showed robots designed and built by the camp in the contest, which was conducted at the end of the camp.

Why good computer science camps for my child?

This is a very popular summer programs, designed to capture and harness the curiosity of your baby and give it a clear direction. Your child gets the answers to most questions and discovers the scientific community in the world capabilities. Robots and programming courses are perfect for teenagers who want to absorb the mechanical concepts and programming.

Your child is facing the magic and excitement of robotics camps through cycle’s collaborative team along with like-minded peers. Budding engineers and scientists learn critical thinking about the world around them and to work cooperatively with others.

My child will enjoy robotics camp?

Most children enjoy the experience. However, the main interest in science and mathematics and computer programming and solving problems always come in handy. Most of the camps computer science is designed for students entering grades 7-9.

While previous experience in the field of robotics or programming is not necessary, students who attend programming courses to be computer needs and they have a passion for scientific knowledge. And students without a background in the field of robotics and programming in general than those who have already submitted to the separation.

Competition has robots that usually takes place on the last day of the camp is also different leagues for students, depending on their skill levels.

Computer science camp, where engineering and innovation together in the minds of young learners. Let your child experience the wonder of this summer.


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