Folk dance in western dance may seem limited. But the fact remains that the elements of the choreography are an essential part of any pregnancy in the creation of the Western dance. But the choreography in the Indian classical dance has not evolved to the extent that it in the West. This is because classical dance began as an independent presentation. The purpose of the performance stage and with it could change, and this is the effect on the display.

It was created most of the classical dances to be performed in temples. Fidelity was only the essence and purpose behind the performance. Dance was a way to pray, and a personal one heavily in it. Of course, the platform of the temple and the presence of worshipers enough to display. He did not give any special thought for the aspect of how to make the display more effective.

Later, during the 11th century, go dancing in the courts of kings. Instead of the temple platform, artists were to perform on stage separate semi-circular. Devotional ring tones have been replaced with the teachings of pure entertainment. This was the expectation of the “fun” of the art form perhaps the reason why the focus has shifted towards the yard display, and thus, in Kathak choreography.

The shift of the temple platform to stage a semi-circular all three dimensions of space (ie, the height and the length and depth) to the forefront. It opened up the option of using the three main trends and sub-two-way on each side and elements like Utplawan, Challang etc. It also used to make better use of this space. The aesthetic side of the dance slowly gaining more importance, because now the performance to the public, and not for “self.”

Today, the stage is much more accommodating and, at the same time, demanding. There is a dual purpose dance – artistic self-realization through creativity, as well as visual appeal to the public. It is innovation that leads to the achievement of the two.

In the field of innovation, we have to look at the foundation of all aspects of the choreography to increase its effectiveness. In the context of the contemporary stage, it must be studied account for all the three basic elements of the choreography any space, time and energy properly and implemented in a perfect way technically.


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