To simplify your preparation, IBPS Test Prep has enlisted 5 tips on cracking the exams for bank probationary officers.

  1. Curriculum and exam pattern:

Learn curriculum Bank exam that you are preparing and then look in the paper the previous issue to get information about the exam pattern of that particular examination. Usually written tests for bank PO exam consists of two parts of the test an objective basis, test and descriptive. While the written test of the four sections: Test of English language, and the ability quantity, logic, and consists of public awareness of the talent / Marketing; descriptive filter test calls to write answers to the length of an article on current issues.

Candidates selected in written test are then called for Group Discussion and/ or interview.

2.Preparation for the exam:

Candidates prepare for the exam PO bank is expected to have a good knowledge of mathematics until the tenth grade. For this purpose, it should be the candidate on the preparation of NCERT books or of high quality postal cycle of any such institute focusing IBPS Prepand test in answering questions through mental calculations to speed up this process focuses. Section logic needs to be widely practiced to clear sections and cut off. Candidate must also work on the Department of English and strong vocabulary, which comes in the form of understanding, and fill in the blanks, antonyms, synonyms etc. public awareness department can easily via inculcate the habit of reading with interest and national newspaper prepared a daily basis.

  1. Time Management: 

clubbed with hard work and determination, time management is the key to eliminate the entry – level test of the Bank PO exam. In addition to being able to put time strategy by focusing on topics easier first, followed by difficult ones. One should also know the skill to attempt 225 questions in 135 minutes. This means a candidate to drop out no more than 36 seconds per question. For this purpose, the candidate must try the easiest part first, such as public awareness, marketing efficiency first and then by others.

Try attempting 175- 185 questions with 90 percent accuracy to be a step closer to your goal. Joining at online/offline or Home based Test Series helps you in practicing.

  1. Questions left doubtful debts: 

Try to try to answer these questions. First you’re confident and you should not attempt any questions that are the subject of doubt in your mind. The negative process on the occasion of the acceptance of reducing the proportion of correct answers with false exams. The practical knowledge of this area can be obtained by solving a lot of the sample papers.


  1. Know banking regulations:

It is expected to be on the general knowledge of banking systems and aspirant PO bank should have at least some knowledge and SEBI regulations. Candidates must make sure they are aware of the key points in the banking system.


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