It’s true! It really is possible now to learn to play guitar with easy lessons that will cost you nothing. Here are 4 basic classes to help you get to grips with playing your guitar.

Basic Guitar Class No 1: Holding the guitar correctly.

In a sitting position, assuming you are right handed, you will rest the guitar on the right leg, keeping the body of the guitar on your right side, and use the right hand to strum the strings. If you pay too much attention to your left hand and how you are holding a chord, you may find on the guitar and slip your foot. This typical rookie mistake that we must try to avoid, so do not get into bad habits. Make sure you keep the guitar close to your body and with the horizontal neck of the guitar (the opposite applies if you are left handed).

Basic Guitar Class No 2: Learning chords from a chart.

We will start by learning three chords, all based on the first four frets of the fingers. Fret refers to the space between the metal strips that have been raised, as well as the strips themselves. The frets are listed on the chart chord, in addition to vertical lines, horizontal lines 6 shows guitar chords. Remember that the chains are numbered 1-6 starting from the bottom. We are also numbered fret your fingers, 1-3 starting with the index finger. We will use the little finger (No. 4) at a later date.

Basic Guitar Class No 3: Your first three chords.

In the second fret, place 1 and the fingers on the strings 2ND 1ST and 3rd respectively. Put your finger on the 3RD 2ND 3RD series fret. It will be easier than it sounds! Click on the strings with the tips of your fingers and closer to the metal frets as possible. Strum the strings just four first. This is the “D” chord.

Leave your finger on the 1st in a series 3RD 2ND fret, move your fingers 2ND and 3rd to 4 and 2 ND chains, all in frets 2ND. He stroked the strings of the first five. Now you’re playing “A” chord. Study painting on the chord chart.

Now with your 1st finger is still on the 3RD series, take him back to the 1st fret and place your fingers on the 2ND and 3rd 5 chains 4TH respectively, both on the fret 2ND. Strum all strings 6 and you play the “E” chord. Always refer to the chord diagrams on your chart.

Basic Guitar Class No 4: Strumming patterns and chord changes.

play now! Focus on keeping your chords sounding clean, with no fret buzz or series. This can be caused by not pressing hard enough or your fingers touch the string “next door.” As I mentioned before, the fingers pressed down on the series as soon as possible to fret. Fondles with a regular pattern, strokes down to just start and hit only specific chains. Make sure you clean spoiler by plucking each string individually. Now the practice of changing from one chord to another. Only with these three chords, you can begin to master the normal play, fretting clean water and rapid changes. It is a great help to use a metronome or rhythm machine.

These classes are designed to help you learn to play the guitar quickly and easily. We hope to get the most from your guitar and keep playing!


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