ClassBoat is a Skill focused platform that partners with class providers to offer a wide variety of classes in one easy to navigate space. Whether you’re looking classes for any age group or virtually any skill, we have thousands of classes listed on our portal.

ClassBoat is the best way for any individual who strives to learn new things always. It is an easy to navigate platform where you can ‘Discover, Plan and Book’ thousands of learning activities happening around you. We provide thousands of class listing- with descriptions, schedules and reviews- we make it easy to filter by age, area and level.We also make it easy to book and pay online, saving your tons of time.

So learners, are you ready to sail the ocean of skills in the ClassBoat.

Skill based education market is fragmented, making it difficult for students to find, compare, and purchase the classes they’re looking for. Traditional marketing methods fall short of capturing the full market potential of students in a cost effective and measurable way.

Classboat makes customer acquisition super-easy for class provider so the class providers can focus on the core thing of delivering their expertise.We help class providers the ‘Real Time’ information of learners showing interest in their classes so that that can convert those interested learners in to potential students in no time.

There are many benefits of joining ClassBoat to boost your classes revenue