Easy Guitar Lessons for Beginners

Easy Guitar Lessons for Beginners

It’s true! It really is possible now to learn to play guitar with easy lessons that will cost you nothing. Here are 4 basic classes to help you get to grips with playing your guitar.

Basic Guitar Class No 1: Holding the guitar correctly.

In a sitting position, assuming you are right handed, you will rest the guitar on the right leg, keeping the body of the guitar on your right side, and use the right hand to strum the strings. If you pay too much attention to your left hand and how you are holding a chord, you may find on the guitar and slip your foot. This typical rookie mistake that we must try to avoid, so do not get into bad habits. Make sure you keep the guitar close to your body and with the horizontal neck of the guitar (the opposite applies if you are left handed).

Basic Guitar Class No 2: Learning chords from a chart.

We will start by learning three chords, all based on the first four frets of the fingers. Fret refers to the space between the metal strips that have been raised, as well as the strips themselves. The frets are listed on the chart chord, in addition to vertical lines, horizontal lines 6 shows guitar chords. Remember that the chains are numbered 1-6 starting from the bottom. We are also numbered fret your fingers, 1-3 starting with the index finger. We will use the little finger (No. 4) at a later date.

Basic Guitar Class No 3: Your first three chords.

In the second fret, place 1 and the fingers on the strings 2ND 1ST and 3rd respectively. Put your finger on the 3RD 2ND 3RD series fret. It will be easier than it sounds! Click on the strings with the tips of your fingers and closer to the metal frets as possible. Strum the strings just four first. This is the “D” chord.

Leave your finger on the 1st in a series 3RD 2ND fret, move your fingers 2ND and 3rd to 4 and 2 ND chains, all in frets 2ND. He stroked the strings of the first five. Now you’re playing “A” chord. Study painting on the chord chart.

Now with your 1st finger is still on the 3RD series, take him back to the 1st fret and place your fingers on the 2ND and 3rd 5 chains 4TH respectively, both on the fret 2ND. Strum all strings 6 and you play the “E” chord. Always refer to the chord diagrams on your chart.

Basic Guitar Class No 4: Strumming patterns and chord changes.

play now! Focus on keeping your chords sounding clean, with no fret buzz or series. This can be caused by not pressing hard enough or your fingers touch the string “next door.” As I mentioned before, the fingers pressed down on the series as soon as possible to fret. Fondles with a regular pattern, strokes down to just start and hit only specific chains. Make sure you clean spoiler by plucking each string individually. Now the practice of changing from one chord to another. Only with these three chords, you can begin to master the normal play, fretting clean water and rapid changes. It is a great help to use a metronome or rhythm machine.

These classes are designed to help you learn to play the guitar quickly and easily. We hope to get the most from your guitar and keep playing!


Advantages of Music Classes

Advantages of Music Classes

There will always be a place in society for music. In the past years, because it serves many important purposes, such as to facilitate some of the rituals and practices, and bringing people together in friendship. Today, these reasons may be very different from previous counterparts, but they are no less important. Some of the positive social factors, and also offers music and other bonuses that young people in particular, can benefit from them.

Learn the techniques associated with the music, and if the general theory associated or methods related to specific tool that can be very helpful to the mind young. You can get a small baby music classes as soon as they are old enough to provide a variety of benefits that can be used at a later time.

Developing Discipline

Musical theory and useful properties is not easy to master. Children need to dedicate themselves to hours and hours of practice dedicated to achieving real sovereignty. This statement also applies to adults carries. Some professional musicians even claim that they learn new techniques throughout their careers. Enter the world of music is a continuous process with a lot of things to learn and discover. It’s easy to get frustrated and give up completely, but real music buffs know the value of sticking with the program.

Advanced Brain Development

Many scientific studies that are related to the brain and music have shown growth. Mothers who play music tracks for their children, while in the womb, can generate the largest growth in the brain, rather than those who did not. Children exposed to music also show the highest concentration and comprehension levels. Adults taking music classes also report a similar development in these areas.

Promoting Creativity

Making music is a very creative process that involves many areas of the brain. When the field of creativity and sophisticated, they tend to extend to other areas of creativity. It is easier for musicians to excel in other forms of creativity, such as writing new songs or draw a picture. Introduction to music can also lead people to appreciate other forms of art, and generate possible interest in these areas. There is no end to the possibilities available when a person sets foot in the world of music.

Opportunities for Teamwork

Shared music-making can lead to the formation of bands and orchestras. These endeavors are useful in instilling a sense of companionship and camaraderie between the musicians. Sometimes friendships through music companions for life. It also teaches people proper teamwork and coordination to bring the value of the sound they desire.

Chances for Education

There are a few people specialized in education in various artistic endeavors prestigious institutions, and music is one of them. Children and adults who specialize in certain instruments or musical theory in general benefit from specific scholarships that can be obtained high quality instruction. These centers are very exclusive and allow only the best and brightest to enter. People applying need to sharpen their abilities very well in order to join this elite group. They can go to the establishment of prominent musical careers and became famous all over the world.

Music has many advantages that many people recognize. It became music lessons for young children and other popular ways of learning throughout the world. There are many reasons to take advantage of music lessons for young children at the sites

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Study, Stress and Music

Study, Stress and Music

Music is beneficial or harmful during the study background? Given that about 75% of the students listen to music while they do their homework, we must find out.

It is natural to enjoy learning. We are born curious and eager to gain new knowledge to understand the world in which we live and get a better understanding of ourselves. This is a new and successful learning outcome in self-growth and self-confidence.

Human beings seek happiness and self-confidence more than anything else

Happy model, the learner’s self-motivated can be disrupted by stress and negative emotions. Small emotions are the captains of our lives and we obey them without realizing it.

Stress occurs when there is the perception that a particular challenge is greater than our skills. Stress can be good or bad, depending on how to deal with it. Good cause stress narrowing of attention and bad stress leads to a focus on the negative results. Bad stress can interfere with the process of making circles brain learns more difficult. Physiological changes resulting from stress include an increase in pulse rate, blood pressure and body temperature. Acute stress can cause headaches, tears and ulcers. In short, stress can negatively affect learning. When I ask students if they have recently confirmed the majority of hands go up.

Music is an art form that deals with the representation of emotion through the medium of sound. And it can have a real impact on us because it is closely linked with a passion, and perhaps more than that of the abstract nature of words. The number one reason people listen to music to moderate psychological condition. A very real sense, the music connects us with ourselves Interior.

Many studies leave us in no doubt that music can affect our levels of stress state and mood. In fact, a great deal of current research involves the use of music in medical situations to help the recovery rates and induce physiology required of the heart rate, blood pressure and body temperature. The use of music as an element in the medical intervention is an example of creative communication between areas subject. I explore this topic more in my staff unit PD on learning and creativity across disciplines.

A great innovation and new ideas from the cross-disciplinary communication

The music does not help or interfere with the study? First, it depends on what is important. And it makes it more difficult cognitive challenge, and background music are more likely disrupt the learning process. Learning tasks less challenging, music can greatly assist in the provision of external stimulus and the occurrence of alert positive learning. Secondly, it depends on the characteristics of the music that will come out in a moment. Third, it depends on your personality type. Extroverts enjoy and often require more external stimulation of introverts, and are likely to deal with background noise better than introverts.

What are the characteristics of the music that will help or hinder the study?


The recommended frequency of background music is in the range of 70-110 beats per minute, faster and a little bit of heart rate at rest. Music in fast tempi practiced cognitive load larger (requires more attention) because our brain processes the more musical events per second. Also raises fast music heartbeat, and that is why gyms are using certain types of music with their fitness programs. Very slow music reduces heart rate, creating a situation that can be very convenient for the purposes of the study.

The sound

Music is too loud or strong exerted greater cognitive load, which makes it more difficult to concentrate. Music that is very soft and can also is annoying if we find that we are straining to hear. Music with sudden dynamic (sound) level change is also inappropriate. Volume is individual preference, but it needs to be low-moderate and steady.


To this topic, tone indicates whether the music is in a major or minor key. Written music in a major key generally has a happy character, while minor, sad. One does not need to be familiar with this music terminology and even very young children are adept at choosing tonal music. For example, “Twinkle Twinkle Little Star in the key”, while the march of the funeral will be in a minor key. Choice of music written in a major key and the appropriate pace is better for the purposes of the study, despite the fact that a lot of people find that music works a key bit slightly faster, too. This is because the relationship between the music features – especially between the rhythm and tonality, creating different thresholds excitement.


Many young people have the ammunition to listen to songs only; that is, music with the words. Song is the most distracting listening background music side, because they compete with the same areas of the brain that deal with language. More specifically, studies have found that the most distracting background music in itself is a quick and familiar music and sound known before, chose and loved by the listener.

So it’s not about the kind of music, be it classical, jazz, pop or rock, but authentic musical characteristics that affect mood and willingness to learn. These properties include the frequency (pulse rate), volume and tonality (major or minor) and if the music is useful or has the words or not. There are already more music features relevant including texture, and a set of melodic and rhythmic complexity, but this is outside the scope of the offer typical student.


If the background music to help in the learning process, and we need to help students understand that if they want to play background music during homework, primary objective remains to engage in a long period of learning. If music can help maintain a healthy state of arousal learning- then well and good. But it’s not about entertainment, not all the appropriate music.

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Avoid 3 Mistakes When You Learn To Play Scales On Guitar

Avoid 3 Mistakes When You Learn To Play Scales On Guitar

You probably already know that the task tables to play your guitar, but very few players know how to practice guitar scales properly. This makes it difficult to improvise guitar solos and the limits of how good of a guitarist to become.

Here are 3 big mistakes you must avoid when you practice scales on guitar:

Mistake #1.

Learning without Application

Learn more standards does not make you a better guitar player – the application of standards does not know on a deeper level.

When you learn a new table, and learn how to improvise with it and become familiar with her voice. Listen to music guitar players who use this size, creating licks with your guitar and learn how to apply this measure in the songs you love. When you feel confident enough with the scale to be used in improvisation, you have mastered it at a deep enough level to see another domain if you want to.

Note: This does not mean you should only practice on a single scale for years … just do not overwhelm yourself with dozens of tables that did not know how to use them.

Mistake #2:

Learning Scales In 1-2 Positions On Guitar

Do not make the same mistake as most guitarists overwhelming you with tons of new styles to the table in one of the positions or just two. To master any new table, you must learn to play all over the fret board. Get stuck in the tables playing the guitar 1-2 areas severely limits your creativity.

To avoid this problem, you must practice constantly fret perception Council. Imagine neck guitar and one giant-sized pattern, and learn how to navigate fluently.

Warning: Many systems for learning tables make this step is very difficult (more on this below). Working with proven guitar teacher to learn how to visualize tables easily and quickly.

Mistake #3.

Not yet effective process for learning scales on the guitar

You must have an effective process for learning, perception and the application of any new table in playing your guitar.

Do not assume that “any system of balance of learning Surrey on an equal footing.” Many of weighing systems on guitar learning incomplete and devastating to your progress. System in a cage one such system. Use it creates a lot of problems in your guitar technique and musical creativity.

Learn why the system sucks in a cage, and what you should do, instead, to master the scales on the guitar. Avoid these errors in the exercise of your guitar, and it will become a better guitarist and musician a lot faster.

Top Ten Interests to explore

Top Ten Interests to explore

With the integration of technology in our lives, we have a tremendous amount of leisure time available to us. Here is a look at the top ten most popular hobbies people get on with their leisure time.

Crafts – converting useless things lying around at home to treasures.

Cooking – The more cooked food, you will become tastier food and more you will enjoy cooking. Try to join the cooking class to start you.

Motherboard – dye stuff lying around your home, such as mugs, plates etc. to start you off and then move on to the paintings and invest some time in the drawing category. This is the most therapeutic way to deal with stress.

Exercise – find a gym near you or join a Zumba class or yoga classes. A great way to get fit and release accumulated tensions of the day.

Arabic calligraphy – A great way to slow down and take the time to write a handwritten note or a call to loved ones.

Photography – your camera phone will only take you so far. Buy yourself a DSLR camera and join the photography category. Learn the techniques and go out into the world and start clicking. You might even be able to sell your photos and earn some extra money, while you’re at it.

Embroidery – It is amazing very soothing and there are a great way to slow down the pace of life is facing we live. Plus it’s a great way to enjoy a rainy day, sitting in on your sofa, embroidery anything you want

Meditation – to devote some time and choose a quiet place. They can be anywhere, garden, home or on the beach. A quiet place to spend some time with your eyes closed just watching your breathing.

DJ – become a history class and learn the basics. Even if you only DJ for your parties.

Pottery – get lost in the feel of the clay between your hands until the establishment of various elements such as vases, cups, etc.

Therefore, I think the only thing that remains is to decide what you’re going to do with all your free time. Or if there is something you enjoy for the time being, this is not on our list, tell us about it.

Embrace your femininity with Bharatanatyam dance classes

Embrace your femininity with Bharatanatyam dance classes

When I was a little girl, I really wanted to learn Bharatanatyam, but for one reason or for Other, but that did not happen. So, when my daughter expressed an interest in dance, and I asked her if she wanted to try Bharatanatyam and decided she would try along with ballet, which They are interested in the beginning, and today, after the passage of years, the dance classes she still goes to non Bharatanatyam.

It’s a beautiful dance rooted in our culture and traditions. Dance that highlights our natural feminine grace, charm and allows us to shine through with simple but complex movements. Dance that can tell a story with a simple eye movements, a gentle touch of the hand and the steps soft angelic. With beautiful costumes and jewelry that adorn the dancer, portray a beautiful picture of the “feminine.”

With years of practice under her belt, my daughter is all my hopes. Confidence gained from this traditional dance, is one of the many rewards she has been blessed with. Her elegant everyday movements and the nature of her soft and graceful, but not twice. It possesses the feminine power that we all have within us, but that many of us have forgotten, or perhaps do not even know of their existence.

With more and more women, out of the house, and join in the world, they are leaving behind them and trying to make their way in this world-oriented man. But why do we have to lose ourselves in this world run by men? Maintain who you are, feminine grace and love. Bring love, compassion, laughter, our natural gifts, to full of war, hatred and crime world. Designation.

An example for your children and future generations, through the preservation of woman you are, and you step into the world. Which can easily help your children, by enrolling them in Bharatanatyam dance lessons, which will help them remember that femininity is not a weakness but it is a subtle power and strength? The power of love, tenderness and agility that can transform the hardest, coldest hearts with warmth and beauty. They have been forced to change who you are to make your way in this world, but your children can be a different future, a future where the adoption of femininity own, which they can see and remember through this class dance Bharatanatyam beautiful and traditional.

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Express Who You Are By Learning To Play The Violin

Express Who You Are By Learning To Play The Violin

When I was a little girl, I decided to learn the instrument and took clarinet (wind instrument machines, for example: flute) Unfortunately, I had no talent for this instrument and gave up all pursuits to learn any musical instrument. However, after many years, a little courage, I decided to try again, but this time on the keyboard. Now, this time I am dedicated and stuck with it for two years, but once again, unfortunately, I did not have any talent at all to play a musical instrument. The fact must be recognized, but it is a pity. But this does not mean that I do not have any appreciation for music.

It’s like the line from the movie, a beautiful woman. When Richard Gere to Julia Roberts, “replies the popular reaction to the opera the first time that we see it very exciting. They either love or they hate it. If they like it, they will always love. If they do not, they may learn to appreciate it , but it will not become part of their lives. ” This is true for me. While I totally tone deaf when it comes to playing an instrument, but I held a deep love and passion for music, which has the ability to reach inside me and shakes me to the core.

My husband and I often go to concerts in the city. We went back to Arties Festival, where musicians from all over the world came to entertain us with a powerful and emotionally charged music. As I sat there with eyes closed, ready to get absorbed into the music, I stood one instrument among others, and violin. The movement of the bow on the strings of a violin I was completely in charm. This deep-felt sorrow and then jumped immediately to the immense feelings of joy and happiness. By the time the movement was finished, I had tears in my eyes and could not stop clapping and feet stop rising from my chair to start a standing ovation for the musicians, especially the violin.

Imagine how the young violinist must be when the journey began to master the small, powerful and beautiful this instrument. Her face because she played a piece of sheer desperation turned to the heavenly joy. Just by looking at her, you could see she was happy human being with a face full of expression of love and joy.

By taking the time to pursue our interests and emotions, and we also can lead happier and achieve life. As if you have a deep desire to learn a musical instrument, and perhaps violin strong, what is stopping? The history of the violin class! Explore your talents! Start by pouring everything you are in music and watch your life become too turned.

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